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New Product for the 65 1/2 - 66 Ford Mustang

Posted by Steve Kline on

New Product for the 65 1/2 - 66 Ford Mustang

Check out the new LED Sequential tail light, and mirrors available for the 65 1/2 - 66 Ford Mustang. Call for info on these, and many other products for your classic Ford Mustang!!

Check out the Mustang!!

Peterbilt Projection Headlight installation Guide

Install Video Peterbilt Projection Headlights!At times we like to post some install help when it comes to out product line. Today we would like to post some info on the 2008+ Peterbilt Projection Headlight with LED Turn Signal & Light bar. Here is a video on that. Use it as a guide for the install. [...]

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LED Light Wiring!!

LED Lights!!You have made the decision to convert to LED lights. Brighter, uses less voltage, and the product just last's longer! "Yes" the lights have all of those features!! You placed the order. Package arrives and time to install. Now comes the great moment to turn them on!! "Nothing" What went wrong?? Must be the [...]

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About US

We are located in Saint Joseph County Michigan, which boarders the Indiana State Line in a small town named Mendon. The major business in this little area is definitely farming. The 2 largest seed corn producing plants in the world, Monsanto, and Pioneer Hybrids are located in Saint Joseph County as well. Everything from corn, potatoes for chips, pickles, snap [...]

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