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We are located in Saint Joseph County Michigan, which boarders the Indiana State Line in a small town named Mendon. The major business in this little area is definitely farming. The 2 largest seed corn producing plants in the world, Monsanto, and Pioneer Hybrids are located in Saint Joseph County as well. Everything from corn, potatoes for chips, pickles, snap beans, tomatoes are grown here. It truly is a great place to live, raise a family and yes run an online distribution warehouse.

The Start of Something Great!!

It was around 2005, getting bored with old job I started thinking about on online store. I was always amazed at how people came up with product to sell on eBay?? Had an idea, ran it by my current business partner and bam!!! Online store born!! Our very first product we sold was mole traps. We have since migrated to truck and trailer accessories, toolboxes and antique car and truck parts. As most sellers we started in our homes until space became an issue. We then bit the bullet and decided time for a warehouse. The first office, warehouse was built in 2007 with a large addition in 2015. With a growing product line, it was really the catalyst for our growth. Having the room to grow!!


We carry a very large selection of LED lights. Whether you have a semi, rv, pickup or car we have, or can get them. Our lighting does not stop there. If you have a trailer, cargo, semi, boat, utility we have the light for you. If an Aluminum or steel toolbox is a need, we have them, or can get our hands on them from very trusted box makers located right here in Michigan. Hitch products, aluminum fenders, RV steps in stock and ready to ship. We truly deal with some of the best light manufacturers in the US. This connection helps us bring a valued product to the market place at costs, well like are name close to wholesale. As I had mentioned in previous paragraph, our first product was mole traps. Even though it really does not fit our product line, we still carry them.

Well it’s a wrap!!

I hope my first attempt at a blog was a little insight to our start, where we are from and our commitment to our community, the people that live here, and the customers that buy our products. Feel free to browse our store and check out the great products we carry. Drop us a line and let us know how we are doing, and any improvements that we can make. Our mission statement is and always, provide you with the best products, at a great price. We are not perfect by any means and improvement is always on our minds!!