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LED Light Wiring!!

Posted by Steve Kline on

LED Lights!!

You have made the decision to convert to LED lights. Brighter, uses less voltage, and the product just last's longer! "Yes" the lights have all of those features!! You placed the order. Package arrives and time to install. Now comes the great moment to turn them on!! "Nothing" What went wrong?? Must be the product is faulty is the first response, because you are sure they where hooked up right, and yes, the old ones worked. We always recommend a couple of things to do. Most LED lights whether marker clearance lights, or LED stop and turn lights use the white wire as the ground. You are used to using the white as power on vehicle electric systems for most cars and trucks and trailers. Black wires are usually used for the positive power on LED marker lights, and for running lights on stop/turn setups. Red wires are most used for the brake/turn function. Here is a list of some of the other things to do.

  • Always test the lights on a 12V power source before install. This will tell you if after you do install and the lights are not working. It might be in your wiring.
  • If installing lights on both sides and one does not work. Swap out with side working. Another way to test if wiring might be bad on side not working.
  • Electrical systems have a harder time detecting the lower voltage draw of the light. If you lights are dimly lite, hyper flash, this is a indication of that. You might have to use some resisters, or swap out the stock flasher with a LED compatible one the will detect the lower voltage draw of the light. 

These are just a couple of things on the to do list to try. And if all else fails, you can always give us a call!!